International Relocation Services

Customized Relocation Services is a leader in international relocation services. We offer customized service packages to foreign workers (experts / expat )arriving in Israel for work. And we provide a comprehensive service package including arranging work permits, locating accommodation, and arranging other necessary things.

Benefits Of Our Relocation Services

  • Finding accommodation for foreign workers (experts / expat )
  • Helping with quick and easy transportation
  • Making the delivery of essential things to your home
  • Arranging work permit, visa extension, and legal support
  • Exploring options for cultural and recreational activities

What Is The Biggest Challenge For Foreign Workers (experts / expat )?

The biggest challenge foreign workers (experts / expat ) face in Israel is locating accommodation and it is where they need help. CRS is a relocation consultant that can find accommodation before your visit. Also, you will find us at the airport to receive you on your arrival.

Israel is a new country for you but we will make it your home. While you are here, you will feel as if you are staying with your extended family. Our global relocation services will cover all your needs so you feel at home. Whether it is accommodation, transportation, or assimilation with society, we are here to help with everything.

How CRS Can Help In Relocation?

We are consultants and our job is to recommend accommodation, transportation, and other things. Also, we can suggest solutions for your work permit, visa extension, and legal support. You are in a foreign country but you will feel at home because we are here to hold your hand wherever you need.

Our international relocation services will help boost your performance as you will get freedom from all worries. You won’t have to worry about anything while you are at work. We will make sure that you get everything on your doorstep so you can focus on your work and do well in your career.

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