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Customized relocation management for the expert worker in Israel

From Landing to Flight - a customized relocation package for the expert worker in Israel.

Worker, who comes to Israel from a foreign country, encounters complex absorption challenges: language difficulties, spatial orientation, loneliness and adjustment.

However, the worker’s adjustment and well-being have a direct impact on his productivity and efficiency at work. After all, a worker, who feels good, does excellent work.

In order to meet the diverse needs that arise during a stay in a foreign country, in solitude, far away from home, we have developed a modular service package that will provide every worker with security and peace of mind, and will assist him in moving the project forward with his mind set at ease/will assist him in calmly moving the project forward.

We take care of the small details that will turn the worker's stay in Israel into an experience

Work permit - expense, extension and legal support

Reception of the worker upon his arrival at the airport

Ordering and organizing of transportation solutions - flight and vehicle

Locating a housing solution, which is to be equipped, convenient and close to work

Personal home deliveries, free of charge

Around the clock response to inquiries on any subject

A customized package of various services, with direct home delivery

Exposure to cultural and recreational activities in Israel

basic consumer goods at attractive rates and Bi Monthly supplies

Our clients enjoy the following advantages:

Feeling of home

Peace of Mind

Proven economic efficiency

Effective time management

Around the clock availability

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