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Far beyond the residential solution

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Relocation Consultants Agency in Israel

From Landing to Flight ​

CRS provides the expert in Israel with an accurate relocation package

We are here to accompany the worker, who arrives in Israel, for a short or long period, and see to it that we provide the worker all his logistical, social and cultural needs as a One-Stop-Shop.

The solutions we developed create a peace of mind for the sending company or the independent worker, thus saving a lot of money, time and resources.

Understanding the need for optimal acclimatization and to realize the potential inherent in his arrival in Israel, we provide the worker with continuous personal guidance, which helps him integrate into Israel at all levels, to orient himself in situ and especially to feel at home.

All-round solutions for the expert worker


Housing solutions

Locating a well-equipped, convenient and close property as to the workplace and to major traffic points.

According to the budget, the length of stay, the nature of the position, the preference of the worker and/or the requirements of the ordering company.


To feel at home

Putting together a modular service basket, which envelops the worker and makes his stay pleasant, safe and effective.

Including a spacious home-based work environment, cleaning services, banks and bureaucracy, communications, cost-effective shopping with home delivery, cooked meals and transportation solutions.


Around the clock service

Personal attention and full-time support around the clock for the expert worker during his stay in Israel and taking care of the small details.

Responding to every need and challenge – thus saving money and precious time.

Foreign workers (experts / expat) coming to Israel face challenges not related to their job. They are experts in their respective fields but they feel helpless when it comes to locating decent accommodation matching their job profiles. It is where they need relocation consultants that can help get accommodated into a foreign environment.

Advantages Of Relocation Services

  • Reception at the airport on arrival
  • Arranging transport solutions – flight and vehicle
  • Locating an accommodation suitable and close to work
  • Making personal home deliveries
  • Exposure to cultural and recreational activities

Our relocation agency will make all necessary arrangements upon your arrival so you feel at home. With us, you won’t have to worry about anything as we know you are new to this country and we know what you want us to do for you. Also, you can ask for a full-customized package to suit your needs.

Who We Are?

CRS is an expert in expat relocation. We have many years of experience in relocating workers coming to Israel for a job. Our job starts as soon as a client makes a booking for accommodation, transportation, and personal home deliveries. And our objective is to assimilate the client into a foreign environment, society, and culture.

How Are We Different from Others?

CRS is a leading relocation company with a rich history of helping expats. We have developed an infrastructure to help our clients that come from across the globe, that’s why we’re “Fixers”. We have a large team to assist and support the clients and our experience help us to do more for our clients in short time.

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