Domestic Relocation Services

Customized Relocation Services offers domestic relocation services to employees, workers, and professionals moving within the country. You get a lucrative job offer in a distant cityor country but you are hesitant in accepting the offer because you are new to that city. It is where we can help.

Relocate To A New City For Work

CRS takes the responsibility of making your relocation a hassle-free affair. If you have an opportunity to make your career in a distant place, we will be there to receive you and make all necessary arrangements for your stay. The accommodation will be up to your living standard and within your budget.

We Can Take Care Of Your Transportation

Our domestic relocation services include a transportation arrangement. You don’t have to worry about hiring cabs to and from work. Simply ask for transportation and it will be sent to your doorstep. We will become your transport manager in the new city you are relocating to.

We Make personal Deliveries

With us, you don’t have to worry about personal deliveries as you will get everything delivered to your doorstep with a simple call. We will buy your groceries and personal use items and deliver all the essential items to your home. And it will be quick. We won’t make you wait for a long time to get the goods.

Participate In Recreational And Cultural Activities

Our domestic relocation services have covered all your needs. We know you want to communicate with society. We don’t do that, classes or hobbies (registration and locating no problem)

We are your relocation consultant and we promise real help in everything you need to (ease your stay / make you piece of mind) make your stay comfortable and enjoyable. Also, we will keep your budget and job profile in mind while choosing accommodation and transportation for you.

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