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Rental apartment in Be'er Sheva

Warm and cozy apartment

Welcome HOME Your suitcase will do

The apartment is located in an excellent location, 4 luxury towers, walking distance to the grand mall,
The apartment has 5 rooms, fully furnished and located on the 19th floor with amazing view & Air conditioning, 3 bathrooms and a showers, a spacious kitchen balcony and 2 parking spots & safe room.
And there is gym to You can order spa care.

Availability - from 20/06/2023

Minimum order - 3 month

Let us be your WELCOME team

so that you can focus at work


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short or long-term periods
054-8655687 Lotem

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We specialize in developing solutions for employees, who relocate to Israel, for short or long-term periods. This expertise was born out of a deep understanding of the needs within the field and constant learning from feedback received from clients, who did relocate to Israel for a wide variety of projects throughout Israel.
We are committed to passing on all the experience and knowledge we have acquired over the years, thus providing a professional and personal all-around service to the expert employee and especially peace of mind.

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